maandag - vrijdag
14 mrt - 2 dec

Kishotenketsu - a creative space for the facilitation of learning

10:00 - 16:30

A ten-day workshop design and facilitation program offering a wide selection of the basics (theories & methodologies, both the conventional and much less conventional) of interactive adult education,  - delivered in a live online training (LOT) format, with ample opportunity for practice.

Kishotenketsu! ... no longer just the kind of classical train-the-trainer that you can get anywhere and anyplace ... but a truly life-and-work-changing capacity building program for educators, trainers, teachers, facilitators, community builders, organization developers, imagineers, social workers, social activists, artists, ..., anyone working with groups.

Kishotenketsu ... transforming the standard learning experience into something altogether more natural, more exciting, more creative, more interactive, and much, much more effective.

Kishotenketsu ... the very first truly global "train-the-trainer/facilitator," where participants from all over the world learn with, from and among each other over a prolonged stretch of time. The 2022 cohort already has participants from Belgium, Singapore, Canada, UK, India, Bulgaria, Italy.

Kishotenketsu ... the very first hybrid online/in-situ "train-the-trainer/facilitator" capacity enhancing program, generously hosted by, and with a continous in-situ base at Timelab in Gent, Belgium, synchronous online attendance worldwide, and asynchronous break-out activities and learning moments in-between the plenary sessions.

Sessions on following days in 2022:

January 10-11 
May 16-17
October 06-07
December 01-02 

Cohort meetup day: December 4, 2023

Money should not be in the way of your growth. Flexible contribution scheme.

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