The pattern

Alternatives are hard to find when we see the world in predefined layers. Sometimes a new perspective can shake things up and shift our point of view. How can we take different interpretations into account, be aware of our bias and leave the end open? The pattern CONTEXT keeps us open-minded and the process open ended. We are invited to acknowledge that we can not always avoid the unknown. An open end allows for adaptation and use in different contexts.

Be aware of the CONTEXT to learn that nothing is ever finished, fixed or defined. Get to know this pattern and learn to be mindful of your humbled position in the world.  Because after we’re gone, the seeds we plant still grow.

A tool

10 lenses
Reality is changeable and unpredictable. Embracing change can lead towards improvement in the design of a project or methodology. By asking yourself ‘what’, ‘how’, ‘why’, something does or does not change, you motivate yourself to come up with a more flexible and resilient design, with more goal-oriented results. Many people try to push change away and stay in their comfort zone. But what happens when we welcome change, and how can we anticipate it?

The methodology of the 10 lenses is based on Francesca Ostuzzi’s research on open ended product design. We start from 10 lenses, 10 questions where we ask ourselves various questions about change.



Francesca Ostuzzi, a doctor assistent at the University of Ghent. Expert in Open Ended design. Togheter with Timelab, this study was translated from product design to process design.

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