The pattern

Diverse groups with different personalities can sometimes be complex to deal with. Yet there is a great power in the combined strengths of different characters. How can we empower individuals in a commons community?

The pattern IDENTITY gives people the tools to better understand the complex social system of change. It investigates the level of otherness in our relationships. It uncovers prejudice. It allows a group identity to unfold.

Understanding IDENTITY helps us better value each unique group member, their invisible skills and the group’s dynamics.

Get to know this pattern through the power of differences. Acting in mutual admiration of our distinctions creates a multilayered, intersectional cooperation. It brings the invisible power of people, and their voices to the forefront.


The Otherness is a tool to take steps towards true connection in your team. You will learn about selfreflection on who we think we are according to the way we are shaped. You will learn how identities can be constructed through negotiation with the other. How we adjust our behaviour and self image based upon interactions and how we can reflect on that towards a commons embracing the other and creating safe space for peer review and reflection.



Evi Swinnen – Inspirator and Coach on Conceptualisation and identity

Evi will coach you through a process of self and other awareness

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