The Tool

The Common Good Matrix is an instrument that helps projects to investigate and validate their contribution to society. The matrix evaluates and measures the impact of the project on people, environment and society. It shows the results in a clear, transparent and comparable way. The Common Good Matrix is developed by the Economy for the Common Good movement. This movement strives for a systemic transformation of the current economic system towards a partipatory and democratic new economy. The new model is based on values such as humanity, collaboration, sustainability, social justice, solidarity and participation. An economic model that brings welbeing for everyone and not only the happy few in a way that regenerates and takes care of our planet for the next generations to come.

In order to enlarge and develop a shared impact, the community of ecogood-coaches keeps track of transformations and organises action for change where needed based on a poly-centric network of energy fields.

Summary: ECG strives for transformation so:

  • growth is no longer necessary and organizations are freed from “eating or being eaten” but strive for an optimal size
  • people assume that cooperation is rewarded
  • money is only a means and not an end in itself (why should we express success in terms of means instead of goals)
  • an economic model based on values
  • an economy that does not start from scarcity, but strives to create abundance for everyone


ECG makes a number of proposals for this (they are only proposals) with the intention of deciding on these proposals with more and different forms of democracy.


video (coming soon)

matrix (coming soon)